About Us

Health stories all in one place.
Healthcake is a personal health assistant app that helps you discover cures and manage wellness across different websites so you can make faster, better health decisions.

Our Mission

We are empowering patients, caregivers, and survivors to live with optimism and courage.

We believe the most underused source of health information is locked away in our memories. Without a way to tap into that treasure trove of insight and share it with others, the quality of healthcare we all receive will progress slowly. Why should millions continue to suffer from debilitating and costly health conditions when others may already have a better answer? We think we can band together to change things.

Our Company

We are a passionate and experienced team of business and healthcare professionals headquartered in the entrepreneurial hub of Frisco, Texas. We have built personal health record tools and launched dozens of web services for some of the largest companies in the world.

Our journey to find better health solutions started over two decades ago. Personal and family experiences with a range of conditions — cancer, asthma, allergies, mental illness, diabetes, lupus, club feet and fibromyalgia — have had a huge impact on how we see health. We believe, together, we have a lot of power to make a difference. Come join us on the journey.