Privacy Policy

Last revised on October 27, 2014

Privacy First

Healthcake supports 100% anonymous access so you can get the health information you need without exposing your identity. You can choose your interests, research symptoms, conditions and treatments, and share with people who you trust.

On Healthcake, you have the choice to create a profile with an anonymous name on screen and privacy settings that restrict your data for your eyes only. If you choose to be private on Healthcake, we may suggest content to other users based on the aggregate usage trends of the whole community without exposing your individual data. This allows you and the community to still benefit as Healthcake gets smarter and only displays information that is relevant to you based on your health interests. We also make sure that our employees are up to date on the latest skills for protecting our member's privacy.

Built in Security

We believe that security is not only a technical feature, but an entire way of operating our business. We stand behind Privacy First by applying security practices in everything we do.

  • 128 bit encryption of data storage and communication
  • System administrators do not have access to private user data
  • Use of the site requires a username and strong password
  • Emmployees receive a privacy and security training

No Advertising

Unlike most health information websites, Healthcake does not display advertising. That means your personally identifiable data is safe and we do not sell it to anyone. We have partnerships with third parties where we permit them to display non-promotional, education only content about health subjects on Healthcake. If anything on Healthcake is every offensive or violates our policy on advertising, users can report it to have it removed. Content with a certain number of reports is removed within 24 hours.