72% of Americans have scoured the Internet for answers to their health questions.
Over 30% of mobile users have tried to decipher their health conditions online.
That's almost double the figure in 2010.

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At Healthcake, we are reimagining the health search experience as a personal health assistant.
It frees up your time so you get relevant news, research and patient stories and real quality advice
delivered to you all in one place without the hassle of traditional search.

We believe in big, audacious goals. Our work environment encourages everyone to innovate and find a better way
to achieve them. We are looking for people with not just technical expertise but also leadership potential.

So whether you are crazy about building apps, digging into big data or reinventing how the world
discovers and consumes health content, we want to hear from you. If you are enterprising, full of great ideas
and have a strong desire to make a difference to this world – just drop us a line at

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