Orthopedics  Osteoporosis Treatment Treatment Of Osteoporosis

by HomewatchCareGiversPlano
52 months ago
Treatment of osteoporosis depends on how advanced it is, but typically involves a change in lifestyle habits, taking daily supplements, and, in some cases, medications to help strengthen bones. Lifestyle changes involve an exercise regimen, dietary changes, and quitting bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking.

Most of the most effective means of treating osteoporosis involve things you can easily do from home. In fact, without patient cooperation in changing lifestyle and habits, the treatment of osteoporosis is futile. That's why our clinic focuses heavily on patient education and the importance of diet and exercise in the treatment of this debilitating disease. You'll meet with doctors, physical therapists, and nutritionists to devise a treatment plan that works best for you, and fits into your busy life. Simple changes to diet, the incorporation of at least 1/2 an hour of exercise per day, the addition of nutritional supplements, and stopping smoking and drinking is made easier when you have a team of professionals by your side to guide you.

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